Destination Kerala
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Lying at the foot of the Western Ghats, this district comprises a selection of tropical forests, running rivers, dams, wild life centers, sacred destinations, historical infrastructure, and upcoming ayurvedic centers. All of these features together are bringing out the tourism spirit of the land at a rapid pace.

One of the largest tribal settlement in Kerala

Chittur Guru Madam
A memorial to Thunchath Ezhutachan, the author of Adhyatma Ramayana, this is located on the banks of the river Sokanasini, and exhibits a srichakra, few idols worshiped by him, and manuscripts.

A climb of about 3 hours from the base of Dhoni hills, the location also is home to the beautiful Dhoni waterfall that attracts tourists throughout the year.

Fantasy Park
A park combining both dry and water rides appeals to kids, friends and families.

Kollengode Palace
Based on traditional architecture of Kerala, the infrastructure now is a archeological museums exhibiting a variety of murals from all around Kerala.

A beautiful little village known for its rich musical heritage

A lush green town at the foot of Western ghats offer trekking trails, and glimpses of the dam. It also boasts of several amusement parks and gardens.

Mangalam Dam
A popular picnic spot ideal for a one day holiday
Mayuladumpara (Land of Peacocks)
Famous for the enormous number of peacocks found here.

Meenkara Dam
A dam constructed over River Meenkara is visited as a picnic spot, the garden and fish farm in the vicinity also add to the interest of the visitors.

Meenvallam waterfall
10 steps of waterfalls; 8 of which are located in the dense forests and are not accessible, yet the beauty of the flow, attracts plenty of tourists.

A small hill station; helps you experience the wilderness and beauty of the lush green valleys and the soothing climate. One would also find water forms in the vicinity. Also known for Orange farms.

Palakkad Fort
Built by Hyder Ali in1766, this ancient granite fort is one of the best preserved forts in Kerala.

Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Located a few miles away from Palakkad, the wild sanctuary boasts of some very unique and rare fauna; and also some distinct trees and vegetation. Kannimari, the oldest teak tree stands here.

Pothundy (Picnic Spot)
With nice, hilly scenery and lush vegetation, the location attracts plenty of tourists.

Silent Valley National Park
A tropical rainforest having a wide range of flora and fauna boasting of over 1000 species of flowering plants which include 110 types of orchids, 34 species of mammals, and over 200 species of butterfly

Thrithala (Historical Importance)
Noted for its historical ruins and monuments, the location is looked upon as having great archeological significance.

Kozhikode / Calicut
A hot and humid district situated in the northern half of Kerala has been vividly recognized for the fast paced development of its neighborhoods. The city has a lot to offer yet is not short of any environmental emphasis

Backwaters of Kozhikode
A soothing stretch of calm water, the silence and serenity would drive you through a pathway of contentment

Also known as Vadakara, this locality boasts of silent and calm beaches, and the massive rock ‘Velliyamkallu’

A famous fishing harbor and prominent port from ancient times; one would also find the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary in its vicinity, the sanctuary that is considered as the paradise of bird watchers. Beypore also is known for centuries for its yards building wooden ships, called Uru (Dhow).

Dolphin's Point
Early morning visit to this spot you can find dolphins jumping and playing around in the sea.

Kappad (beach)
The historic beach where Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed on Indian soil.

Manachira Maidan Palace
An architectural wonder, the musical fountains and lush green gardens surrounding the traditionally built infrastructure is an enticing vision

Pazhassirajah Museum and Art Gallery
A museum that houses a collection; of ancient coins, bronze sculptures, paintings and murals.

Peruvannamuzhi Dam
A well maintained garden, a bird sanctuary and a crocodile farm in its vicinity adds to the exotic scenery offered by the lush vegetation surrounding the peruvannamuzhi dam.

A unique gurgling waterfall falling amidst rolling hills brings a pleasant and natural ambience to the surroundings.

Rich with the wilderness attribute an idyllic location for trekking activities.

Famous for the harmonious mixture of various cultures, religions and languages, Kasargod, the northern most districts in the state has a selection of enthralling sights to offer varying from lengthy costal lines to hilly ranges, rivers and forts.

Bekal and Bekal Fort
A small town in North Kerala; the location boast of a giant keyhole shaped fort, a very beautiful beach, serene backwaters, and hill stations in the vicinity

Hosdurg Fort
A chain of forts built in the vicinity of each other. Also houses Nityanandashram, an internationally recognized spiritual centre.

Chandragiri Fort
Spread over an area of 7 acres this fort built in the 17th century is associated with an eventful history. The infrastructure of the fort results in an eye capturing moment.

Kammatam Kavu
A forest stretched across 50 to 60 acres, is a center of worship, and is connected to Kammadam Bhagawathi Temple.

Kottancherri Hills
A Rain forest; ideal for day picnics and trekking activities.

A mud fort built in the 18th century. One would find a Muslim mosque, Hindu temple and church in close proximity.

A hillock ideal for picnics, offers views of the Arabian Sea, Kasargod, and Mangalore

An island 5 kilometers from land, separated by backwaters is a idyllic location for fishing activities and picnics.

Veeramala Hills
A hillock where ruins of an ancient Dutch fort is located. The river and the surrounding wilderness provides the location with plenty of tourism appeal.

Hills, rocks, forests, greenery, waterfalls all add to the tourism value of Wayanad, thus increasing the number of tourists visiting here every year.

Pookothe Lake
A calm and serene water body surrounded by evergreen forests and hills contains plenty of aqua forms within the waters.

Banasura Sagar Dam
The largest earth dam in India, one may find picnic spots around its neighborhoods.

Kuruva Island
Spread over 900 acres of forest, the island, now a tourist spot, and boasts of rare species of birds, orchids and herbs. One may even find members of the tribal settlements.

Meenmutty waterfalls
A 3 stepped waterfall, falling from over 300 meters enhances the beauty of the valley.

Sentinel Rock waterfalls
A better accessible waterfall surrounded by mountains and valley forms a picturesque image for the day.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
A forest expedition in these neighborhoods exhibits the wild life inhabiting in these dense woods.

Edakkal Caves
Located 1000 meters above sea level on the Ambukutty mountains, these caves boast of famous rock carvings on the inner side of the cave walls.

Over 15 kms of trekking through the dark forests brings you to this beautiful location. Rock caves, rare birds and animals are a unique feature in these surroundings.

Wayanad Heritage Museum
Exhibits ancient and modern findings of tribal cultures

Kollengode Palace
Meenkara Dam
Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Pazhassirajah Museum and Art Gallery
Bekal Fort
Chandragiri Fort
Kottancherri Hills
Pookothe Lake
Meenmutty waterfalls
Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary